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CIS 336 Week 3 Discussion 2 The Impact of Crowdsourcing

CIS 336 Week 3 Discussion 2 The Impact of Crowdsourcing

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CIS 336 Week 3 Discussion 2
"The Impact of Crowdsourcing" Please respond to the following:
Dell’s Ideastorm, Best Buy’s IdeaX, New York city’s Simplicity, and Samuel Adams’ Facebook application to determine the next flavor of beer are a few of the examples that use crowdsourcing. From the e-Activity, assess whether ideasourcing generates the best innovative ideas for a business or organization. Explain why or why not. 
Suppose that you recently acquired a considerable amount of money and want to invest in some type of business. Determine whether or not you would use crowdsourcing to determine the type of business you invest in. Predict whether the use of crowdsourcing to select your type of business would be disastrous or advantageous, and explain why or why not.

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